Slip out of the office, shape your brows and still enjoy a bite during your lunch hour.

A Smooth and Painless procedure with Harley Wax

By Indulgence Therapy& Beauty

Eyebrow                                                  R 80

Lip                                                            R 70

Back                                                        R 305

Chest or Stomach                                   R 235

Leg                                                          R 265

Bikini                                                         R 110

Under Arm                                                R 80

Gents Cuts                                                 R 105

Gent's Facial Hair Trimmed                         R 70

Gents Cut with Scalp Massage                  R 205  Special Price


Eyebrow                                                  R 80

Lash                                                         R 80

Brow & Lash                                             R 135

Side burns                                                R 60


Terms and Conditions apply.

All appointments not cancelled 12h in advance will be forfeited.

Exceptions to be dealt with at Managements discretion.

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