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At Indulgence Mobile Spa we bring a new experience to your Corporate Events or office wellness day. With our mobile treatments and professional service you can ensure that your stakeholders are well taken care of. Let them all enjoy our relaxing and invigorating spa and massage therapies at your events or at your business premises 



This is how you and your company can benefit from

Indulgence Corporate Wellness Services

The on-site chair massages are offered in the comfort of your own environment at your office.

No event is too big or too small, allow us to schedule and host your next event, from Office Function or

Incentive Program for your employees, we also host year end Functions and Wellness days.

At these events, your staff members can select the treatments that they want to enjoy as our team of

Therapists are ready to perform the Chair Treatments e.g.. Head Neck Shoulder, Foot and Leg or Hand and Arm Massages.

Your Company benefits with reduced absenteeism, improved staff morale, enhanced Company

appreciation, increased employee retention, increased productivity, healthier employee therefore lower healthcare costs.

Your employee benefits from reduced stress and fatigue, pain relief, muscle relaxation, improve productivity,

Re-energize and detoxify, boost on morale and job satisfaction.


Golf Days

Team Builds

Office Functions

Wellness Events

Year End Parties

Incentive Programs

Spa and Pamper Parties

Customized Reward Solutions




082 566 62830/041 373 0919 


 Working Hard? In Front of your PC for hours? Allow us to D-Stress Unwanted Aches & Pains.

With a Neck & Shoulder Chair Massage, YOU DON'T HAVE TO REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!!

Relax & Unwind in the Comfort of your own Environment... 

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